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რუმინეთი Puck Puppet Theatre

Short description
"Puck" Puppet Theater was founded in 1950 and is subordinated to the County Council of Cluj. The institution's record includes 300 prizes, both in the Romanian and the Hungarian section, as well as important prizes and international nominations. The current repertoire of "Puck" Puppet Theater consists of about 25 shows for children and, starting from 2006, it has also organized a Nocturne program with performances dedicated to adults. Beginning from 2002, the theatre hosts the International Festival of Puppets and Puppets "Puck", one of the most important cultural events of Cluj. In 2017, we organized for the first time the biggest outdoor festival for children and family –
WonderPUCK, with an attendance of 17.000 people.
Contact details
Georgiana Vlahbei
+40 724 369 541
Performing arts – Puppetry, Theatre, Street Art, Theatre Festivals, Theatre in education, Socio-anthropological research


Our cooperation project aims at developing creative, sustainable relationships between theatres, companies, cultural associations in the field of animation theatre across Europe – through the means of object/ puppet theatre and connected educational and social activities. Artists, audiences and organizations at both local and transnational level will cooperate for the production, presentation and dissemination of new performance works, in order to develop new models of co-creation and visibility for puppetry.
At the core of the project lies the creation of animation theatre co-productions, designed by multi-national teams set to explore creatively elements of their cultures, heritages and present day societies (from different backgrounds, histories and contexts from Europe).
Our approach can be defined in the artistic-educational-scientific paradigm, addressing: the segment of the youngest audience - children between 3 and 14 years old, but also organizations, theatre companies, experts in the field and general public, whose access to this type of art form we wish to facilitate. In this sense, a prerogative of the project is to raise awareness and spread the knowledge on puppet popular traditions of each partner, a target we intend to meet by developing audience development strategies. Besides the fact that the artistic and educational act produced will have a resonance in the six countries involved in the project, transgressing national and even zonal boundaries, its effects will be measured also from its educational and informational component.
Towards these goals, the support activities we propose to the partners include: Exchange meetings; Puppet-workshops for specific target-groups; Itinerary of the puppet-theatre co-productions; Organizing puppet-Theatre Festivals; Issuing of publications; Digitization of valuable archive material; Sociological/Anthropological research & documentation.
Therefore, our aim is to develop a long-term, collaborative, trans-disciplinary project that extends beyond the 4 years envisioned (2019-2023), based on sharing of know-how, expertise and experience of partners, so as to valorize judiciously, creatively and playfully - nonetheless - , each partner’s resources of excellence.

Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Germany, United Kingdom,
Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria

private or state theatre companies, NGOs, associations in the field of: Puppet Theatre, Puppets Festival, Arts & Education