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სერბეთი National Museum Zrenjanin

National Museum Zrenjanin
Short description
National Museum in Zrenjanin has a long and rich tradition of preserving and presenting of cultural heritage in the region more than a hundred years (it is founded in 1911). After renovations in 2005 the Museum permanent exhibition has been partially modernized. The Museum Association of Serbia in 2006 selected the National Museum of Zrenjanin for the best museum in Serbia. In the year 2015 it was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award. National Museum in Zrenjanin is situated on the main square; it is very accessible and represents an indispensable place to visit for all the tourists who are interested in the history of Zrenjanin. The Museum, which belongs to the category of complex museum establishment, is a heritage museum and it's research work covers the area of Central Banat. Such organiosational structure has contributed to systematic preservation and professional treatment of rich cultural heritage of the region in the fields of nature, archeology, ethnology, art and history performed by a specialized institution employing professionals of all necessary profiles. The Museum's five department collection contains over 33 000 artifacts. The museum also has its pedagogical-informative service, documentation center, restoration and conservation workshops, photography department, carpenter's studio, as well as its own library with over 5000 vocational titles. 
Contact details
Dejan Vorgic (National Museum Zrenjanin): dejanborkic@gmail.com 
Aleksandar Salamon (Nationak Museum Zrenjanin) aleksandarsalamon@yahoo.com

Cultural Heritage, fortification, new technologies in heritage preservation, tangible culture

The project under a working name "Traveling Fortress" primarilly means preservation and digitization of cultural heritage wich today, due to historical circumstances, does not exist physically. The aim of the project is to reconstruct the Zrenjanin fortress with the help of traditional methods (models), which will be a platform for modern approach to the presentation of heritage. The model will be a kind of polygon for additional content in the form of expanded reality and the application of various modern digital media ( applications etc.) By this approach we will return the former city symbol, get closer to the European historical cities that preserve their heritagefortification objects and all this in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. A significant segment of the entire program will also be dedicated to the digitization of material heritage that can be linked to the fortress. After completing this first phase of the project, it is planned to promote and exibit "traveling" fortress and bring cultural heritage closer to the future potential museum audience in an innovative approach. 
All eligible countries (Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, etc.) 

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